We are pleased to announce that ENTRAD 2019 will be organized by the Brazilian Association of Translation Researchers – ABRAPT – in partnership with the Federal University of Paraíba (Brazil), campus João Pessoa, during October 7 to 11, 2019. The event brings together the 13th Brazilian Translation Forum and 7th International Translation Forum and its theme is “Where the sun rises first: translation in emerging contexts”.

By borrowing the epithet of the host city, “Where the sun rises first” as the central theme of the event, we would like to draw attention to the role that translation and its agents, especially translators and interpreters, play in rising contexts of encounters, conflicts, displacements, innovation and novelty. Contexts in which intermediation is required such as those of international negotiations, intercultural relations, dissemination of knowledge or worldwide product launches, among others.  It is through translation and interpretation that cultures are integrated and international productions are launched simultaneously in various markets; translators and interpreters are the ones who first deal with issues related to terminological or textual genres innovations, mediate cutting-edge negotiations between leaders of companies or nations, guide tourists or host migrants, meeting an ever-increasing demand for information. Finally, at the forefront of intercultural relations or technological innovations, the sun rises first through translation and its agents.

Thus, we invite the academic community to present their work and to promote the debate about the roles of translation and its agents in emerging contexts of innovation and novelty.