Coming to João Pessoa / Where to stay

João Pessoa International Airport

Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport is located in the city of Bayeux, João Pessoa metropolitan area, in Paraíba (Brazil). Being 11 km away from the center of the city and 22 km away from the beach of Tambaú, it’s access is through the route BR-230 (beaches region) or Via Oeste (downtown).

There are flights arrivals and departures during all day long. The route from the airport to the region of the beaches can be made by taxi (around US$ 15,00) or Uber (around US$ 8,00).

Recife International Airport

Recife International Airport is located 131 km away from João Pessoa, which might be a viable option for boarding / disembarking. The route to João Pessoa costs around US$89,00  by taxi or Uber and US$11 by bus.

Where to stay

Most hostels, lodges and hotels in João Pessoa are located in the region of the beaches, in the neighborhoods of Cabo Branco, Tambaú and Manaíra, with daily rates ranging from US$20,00 to US$ 85,00.