About PPGA

The Postgraduate Program in Anthropology (PPGA) of the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB) aims to offer masters level training for graduate students.

The course aims to train professional researchers, able to know about the main trends in both classical and contemporary anthropological theories, as well as to carry out theoretical-methodological articulations through bibliographical research, fieldwork, and elaboration of ethnographies and theories. The course seeks to strengthen and expand the production of anthropological knowledge in the State of Paraíba and respond to different demands in the field of anthropology in this regional context.

The PPGA of the UFPB also seeks to deepen the theoretical-methodological debate on the field of social action, in order to respond to the growing demand for anthropologists in institutional spaces outside academia – nongovernmental organizations, private companies, government agencies, and more. The articulation between the conventional work of anthropological research and the academic reflection on the new contexts of social action of anthropologists is one of the characteristics that sets the course apart.

The Master in Anthropology of the UFPB is a joint initiative between the Center for Applied Sciences and Education (CCAE / campus IV / Rio Tinto) and the Center for Human Sciences, Letters and Arts (CCHLA / campus I / João Pessoa), involving professors of both departments of Social Sciences of these institution.

The headquarters of the secretariat, in the 2013-2015 management, is at CCHLA, on campus I of the UFPB in the city of João Pessoa. The coordination of the Programme works from an integrated management perspective between the two campuses.

Area of ​Knowledge: Social Anthropology

Research lines:

1 – Images, Heritage, Arts and Performances

2 – Body, health, gender and generation

3 – Territory, identity and environment

4 – Ethnographies and urban sociabilities

5 – Social policies and development