Literature, Theory and Criticism

1 Cultural and Gender Studies
This line of research proposes to emphasize the relationship between gender / sexuality and other categories of difference, such as class, race and ethnicity, based on feminist and cultural studies. The research seeks to reflect on the challenges implicit in the debate on the asymmetries of power between differently positioned subjects, discourses and texts, as well as on the epistemological contributions of feminist and postcolonial studies to the literary field. Our focus considers the multiple cultural perspectives and seeks to question and whenever possible break with unilateral visions of authorship, subject and literature.
Professors: Ana Cristina Marinho, Liane Schneider, Sávio Roberto Fonseca de Freitas, Luciana Eleonora de Freitas Calado Deplagne

2 Literary readings

The line develops research projects that investigate the relationship between literature and teaching under the approaches of literary reading, reader training, teacher training and didactics of literature. It is also interested in studies of literature as a historical phenomenon, whose practices are conveyed in various sources and reading materials.

Professors: Carmen Sevilla Gonçalves dos Santos, Daniela Maria Segabinazi, Socorro de Fátima Barbosa

3 Subjectivity Poetics

The line involves projects that are dedicated to explore the subjective, from the psychoanalytic point of view, and poetic subjectivity in its historical, theoretical and critical developments. In the first perspective, it aims to investigate literary texts of any genre and historicity, considering the theoretical-critical tendencies of the area. In the second, it proposes to discuss the different approaches that surround the lyrical subject and the way they reflect the historical subjectivities.

Professors: Alcione Lucena, Elaine Cintra, Hermano Rodrigues, Zélia Bora

4 Tradition and Modernity

This line of research study the relations between the literary manifestations of the past and the present, the permanence of constitutive traits of literary genres and the resonance of past aesthetics in modern and contemporary literature, as well as in postcolonial productions. Emphasys is given to formal and / or thematic procedures that show interdependence, historical-cultural links or signs of continuity between the past and contemporary literature  in narrative and dramatic texts.

Professors: Arturo Gouveia de Araújo, Sandra Amélia Luna Cirne de Azevedo, Vanessa Riambau Pinheiro, Luciane Alves