Visiting Researchers and Students

Visiting Researchers

Territories of Diversity: education, language, cultural mediation and public policies: PPGL welcomes researchers from Argentina, Austrália, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switerland, The United Kingdom and the USA. Researchers in this project are invited to discuss different cultural, social, informational and language mediation and its relation to boundaries, spatial planning and the territories. See more information at CAPES/PRINT.

Researchers from other countries are also invited to join any of the projects carried out by PPGL (See Professors’ research groups)

Visiting Students

Students are invited to take any of the courses offered by PPGL. Classes are taught mostly in Portuguese and, occasionaly, in English. See 2019.1 (March/July) Courses

Information on courses to be taught in 2019.2 (August/December) will be available soon.