Carla Lynn Reichmann

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PROJECT: Practice and literacy projects: reinterpretation in (form) action of language teachers (Phase 2)

Description: Situated in the field of Applied Linguistics, this research project has the general objective to investigate literacy practices in initial formation context, resizing the project ‘Professores-em-construção’ (Reichmann, 2006-2009).This research takes a look at teaching literacy of foreign language teachers during the internship program, focusing on the vital impact of literacy practices in professional socialization. That is, in order to investigate literacy practices, education and teaching, training of foreign language teacher’s narratives, professional’s reconfigurations and identity constructions will be investigated. Adopting a dialogical view of language and interpretive vision of research, the theoretical and methodological support of this research takes into account Estudos do Letramento (Kleiman, 1995, 2006, 2007), o Interacionismo Sociodiscursivo (Bronckart 1999, 2004, 2008) e as Ciências do Trabalho (Clot, 1999, 2007; Amigues 2004; Saujat, 2004; Machado e Bronckart, 2009), among others.