Camilo Rosa Silva

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Grupo de Investigações Funcionalistas (GIF)


The project wears a generic character, one “umbrella” that includes the various subprojects linked to the research line of Grupo de Investigações Linguísticas – GIF (Linguistic Research Group): functionalist approaches of Portuguese grammar. In it, they provide applied analysis, especially the linguistic change phenomena. The topics are covered range from grammaticalization items such as grammaticalization connectors, prepositions, adverbs and pronouns, to grammaticalization constructions, such as relative clauses in speech contexts and written form in Brazilian Portuguese, of adverbial hypotactic speech, among others. The research proposal involves the pairing of form and function, leaning on representative discursive universes of both oral and writing form. Corpora of Projeto O Linguajar do Sertão Paraibano – LSP (Stein et al., 2013) e Variação Linguística na Paraíba – VALPB (HORA; PEDROSA, 2001), Discurso e Gramática – D&G (FURTADO DA CUNHA, 1998), among others, are the sources chosen for research.The work will be developed and guided by the theoretical contributions of Functional Linguistics, especially the current

approach named The North American Systemic Functional Linguistics and most recently consolidated in Brazil under the name of Linguística Funcional Centrada no Uso ()tica Funcional Centrada no Uso (roughly translated as Functional Linguistics Centered in Use. The choice of this theoretical framework envisions a perspective analysis which includes discursive, cognitive and pragmatic aspects of articulation / emission / interpretation of linguistically expressed information, with the description as object of interest and analysis of phenomena change occurring in Brazilian Portuguese. In addition to the already indicated corpora, it is intended to encourage the composition of new corpora, incorporating texts of language written by mentees of Master and Doctorate to the database, especially journalistic texts.