Giorvan Ânderson dos Santos Alves

CV – Lattes


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Aspects of speech are studied, since they exist under different views, different sciences, which began in the studies of linguistics, specifically phonetics and phonology. Currently, many professionals search to understand the speech according to their knowledge, theories and needs. The so-called “normal speech” is studied from its production, based on the analysis of the structures that are necessary for their production, even as the sounds combine to produce thousands of languages spoken by different communities around the world. Given all that, we could say that studying the speech that is considered to be normal is a great challenge for any individual in any profession, studying the normal-variety of speech is challenging, not to mention study altered speech varieties. Unfortunately, not always the speech production takes place at the expected moment and sometimes is defective in its production, such as omissions, substitutions, and distortions or inaccuracies. These problems may occur for different causes: anatomical changes, especially the structures of the face and oral cavity; neuromotor changes that cause the dysarthrias and dispraxias; changes in language acquisition; hearing changes; cognitive and or psychological changes, among others. Let us not forget, as mentioned before, that speech is just one of the ways that humans use to convey ideas, thoughts or

feelings. The transmission of what is meant to say by using speech when it presents some change will be more or less hampered, depending on the cause of the problem. If there is a basic change in language or cognition, messages can be meaningless, although the production of speech itself may be adequate. On the other hand, if the problem is neurological, even if the idea is preserved, the production of speech will be changed, making it difficult to understand what the speaker means. This means that speech, and all its background, should be carefully studied in all its aspects, since it is understood that, to understand how normal speech is produced, and what can change it, it will be easier to think of ways to be trodden so that communication is established in the best possible way.