Isabelle Cahino Delgado

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1) Speech Therapy Intervention in Down syndrome Individuals

The project was approved in the Departamento de Fonoaudiolodia of UFPB (Phonoaudiology Department) in 2015, to analyze the development of oral and written language, as well as hearing and stomatognathic system of children and adults with Down syndrome. The proposals implemented during the research are based on educational and health strategies under the phonological aspect, relevant to the areas of Listening, Language and Orofacial Motricity in order to maximize the quality of life of Down syndrome individuals.

Coordinator: Isabelle Cahino Delgado

Vice-coordinators: Giorvan Ânderson dos Santos Alves and Marine Raquel Diniz da Rosa

2) Empower to grow: the pursuit of labor autonomy of intellectually disabled subjects

It is known that empowerment enables intellectually disabled people with the tools necessary for them to become authors of their own history, having the power to decide all aspects, as well as allowing social, cultural and economic changes in their lives. This project aims to implement empowerment strategies to promote education, health and autonomy of young people and adults with intellectual disabilities, aiming their professionalization. It is intended to stimulate the professionalization of these subjects and enable the skills training and preparation for entering the job market, with rights, duties and skills for different tasks and functions.

Coordinator: Isabelle Cahino Delgado

Vice-coordinators: Giorvan Ânderson dos Santos Alves, Andreza Aparecida Pulley and Taísa Dantas.