Lucienne C. Espíndola


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Deputy coordinator of the GT ANPOLL: Linguistics and Cognition.



The LASPRAT – Semantic-Pragmatic Laboratory of Texts (Laboratório Semântico-Pragmático de Textos) was created and approved at the Department of Classical and Vernacular Languages (Departamento de Letras Clássicas e Vernáculas-DLCV) of the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB) on 11/27/2000. The LASPRAT gather projects that have as object of investigation the semantic-discursive and argumentative functioning of textual / discursive genres. The theoretical basis for the research developed in the laboratory consists in semantic-pragmatic-discursive theories: Conversational Maxims, Deixis, Speech Acts, Argumentation in Language, Polyphony, Modalization, among others. Semantic-Pragmatic Laboratory of Texts also houses a project in which the first part of the research is based on the Theory of Conceptual Metaphor, the second part-discursive investigation- made after this phase.


The project Metaphors / Metonymy, Discursive Genres and Argumentation has two lines of research: the first describes that conceptual metaphors / metonymies in general are used in different discursive /textual genres. The first line of this research describes also that updating expressions languages of metaphors / metonymy produce effects in semantic functions discursive and discursive /textual genres. This line gathers research endeavors that aim to describe the presence of metaphor and metonymy in discursive genres, in order to verify the hypothesis that the presence of metaphor and metonymy is largely “influenced” by the discursive / textual genre. The second line of research aims to find metaphors and conceptual metonymy from themes / subjects considering different points of view (economic, legal, professional, political, religious, etc.); in this line the starting point will be the topic / subject The first line research has some results already published and have shown us that there are situations that the recurring presence of metaphor / metonymy is not “determined” only by discursive / textual genre, but there is a great influence of the theme /subject.