Maria Ester Vieira de Sousa

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Reading as a social and cultural practice constitute the focus of this research .Under this perspective, the research seeks to investigate: 1) Means of reading, 2) The stories about reading (including what the subjects read, how they have learned how to read, how they relate to reading in their daily lives), 3) Means of speaking about reading while practice more and more required.

As a general objective, the research intends to contribute to the formulation of a memory of readers allowing reflection on (and / or revision of) reading discourse and its practice in society. Specifically, the research aims at: 1.Analyzing speeches readers, with focus on reading objects and means of reading in different spaces and times; 2. Investigating what readers say about reading, correlating a relationship of this saying to the construction of an official discourse, institutionalized and legitimized (set) on reading, broadcast in different support (magazines, newspapers, etc.) and genres (laws, scientific papers, slogans, advertising campaigns) at different times; 3. Investigating practices and reading stories reader in training course (the student) and the reader who intends to form readers (the teachers). Summarizing, the research proposes to understand the means of the appropriation of writing, as part of a general policy of constitution of senses, included in the set of social practices. The research may lead to defining the profile of these readers attempting to better understand their reading practices and to contribute to the formulation of a critical reflection on the reader. The research also leads to defining the reading, considering aspects related to production, circulation and reception of the written text.