Oriana de Nadai Fulaneti

CV-Lattes: http://lattes.cnpq.br/8254486029233226 E-mail: oriful@hotmail.com Research Group: dgp.cnpq.br/dgp/espelhogrupo/1830277991365245


Cyberculture is not only understood as technologic issue, but also as the attitude of the contemporaneous society. Cyberculture produces social-cultural impacts not enough studied yet and is revealed to (or through) a syncretic language such as drawing, graphics, images, colors, words, sounds, movement, and etc. Our research intends to solve some issues resulting from connection between the technologic impact of digital media and what is created by new means of interaction. These issues concerning the concept of text and the analysis methodology of syncretic objects and the definition of enunciation, in order to consider the degrees of opening and closing of hypertext which allows the reader intervention to a greater or lesser degree. The theoretical basis is discursive semiotics and the corpus will consist of hypertext different political groups, both of party institutional politics and social movements that are considered as “another policy.”