Alexandra Barbosa – LATTES

E-mail:  alexandrabar01@gmail.com

Themes of interest: Indigenous ethnology, Interethnic relations, Indigenism and Rural studies.

Alicia Ferreira Gonçalves – LATTES

E-mail:  aliciafg1@hotmail.com

Themes of interest: Public Policies, Territory and Culture and Identities.

Carlos Xavier Netto – LATTES

E-mail: xaviernetto@gmail.com

Themes of interest: Archeology and Information Science, with emphasis on Prehistoric Archeology and Memorial Information, working with the following themes: memory and material cultural heritage, representation theory, archaeological heritage, evaluation, prehistoric art, preservation and digitization of archaeological heritage, heritage and information intersection.

Ednalva Maciel Neves – LATTES

E-mail:  ednmneves@gmail.com

Themes of interest: risk, sexuality, women, collective representations and body.

Estevão Martins Palitot – LATTES

E-mail:  epalitot@yahoo.com.br

Themes of interest: Anthropology and Sociology of Culture, with emphasis on ethnicity and interethnic relations, working mainly in the following subjects: indigenous people of Potiguara, Natives in Ceará, territorialization, cultural flows and ethnicity.

Fabio Mura – LATTES

E-mail:  fabiomura64@gmail.com

Themes of interest: Indigenous Ethnology, Interethnic Relations, Anthropological Theory, Anthropology of Knowledge and Anthropology of Technology.

Flávia Ferreira Pires – LATTES

E-mail:  ffp23279@gmail.com

Themes of interest: anthropology of religion, child and childhood anthropology, party anthropology, anthropological theory and research methods.

João Martinho de Mendonça – LATTES

E-mail:  bragamy@yahoo.com.br

Themes of interest: Photography and photographers, cinema and anthropology, collections of images, ethnographic and documentary video, history of visual anthropology, memories and images, visual arts, performance theories, sound landscape and musicality, images of Natives in Brazil, images and orities, images in the digital universe.

Lara Santos de Amorim – LATTES

E-mail:  amorimlaras@gmail.com

Themes of interest: alternative urban musical movements, popular and traditional festivals, folk culture, ritual theory, intangible heritage, image and cinema, performance and artistic manifestations.

Luciana Chianca –  LATTES

E-mail:  lucianachiancaufpb@yahoo.com.br

Themes of interest: Research of urban anthropology in its relation to identity, territorialities and rituals as symbolic and political processes. Lately has researched the repercussion of digital technologies in urban cultures, especially in Brazilian society.

Marco Aurélio Paz Tella – LATTES

E-mail:  marcoaureliopaz@hotmail.com

Themes of interest: identity and imagination, Afro-Brazilian culture, social and racial segregation, Afro-Brazilian impoverished youth, prejudice and memory.

Marcia Reis Longhi – LATTES

E-mail:  marciareislonghi@gmail.com

Themes of interest: Anthropology, with emphasis on gender, masculinity, youth and popular groups.

Maristela Andrade – LATTES

E-mail:  andrademaristela@hotmail.com

Themes of interest: religiosities and religious movements, memory, development and environment, regional culture and “traditional” populations.

Mauro Koury – LATTES

E-mail:  maurokoury@gmail.com

Themes of interest: Photography and Society, Urban Fears, Sociology and Urban Anthropology, City and Daily Life, Sociology and Anthropology of Image and Sociology and Anthropology of Emotions.

Mónica Franch – LATTES

E-mail:  monicafranchg@gmail.com

Themes of interest: Anthropology of Time, Anthropology of Ages with focus on Youth, Gender and Health, especially Aids.

Patricia Goldfarb – LATTES

E-mail:  patriciagoldfarb@yahoo.com.br

Themes of Interest: Ethnicity and ethnic-racial relations; Identity Processes; Gypsies and other ethnic groups; Time, Space and Memory.

Pedro Nascimento – LATTES

E-mail: pedroparaiba@gmail.com

Themes of Interest: gender, health, sexuality and human rights.

Contributing Professors:

Kelly Oliveira – LATTES

E-mail: mensagenskelly@gmail.com

Themes of interest: ethnicity and political anthropology; indigenous movements with emphasis on Northeastern region; social communication and anthropology and image..

Luciana Ribeiro – LATTES
Post Doctoral Internship
E-mail: lulucaribeiro@ig.com.br

Temáticas de interesse: antropologia urbana, juventude, gênero, sexualidade, violência, criminalidade e segurança pública.

Maria Otília Storni – LATTES

E-mail:  mariaotiliats@yahoo.com.br

Themes of interest: Anthropology, in Indigenous Ethnology and Peasantry, popular culture and media, consumption, television, religiosity, indigenous culture and health anthropology.

Ruth Henrique da Silva – LATTES

E-mail:  henriqueruth@yahoo.com.br

Themes of interest: Indigenous ethnology, with emphasis on ethnicity, identity constructions, territory, anthropological foundations and reports, identification and delimitation of indigenous lands and evaluation of projects.

Silvana de Souza Nascimento – LATTES

E-mail:  simples.humano@gmail.com

Themes of interest: relations between field and city, gender, sexuality, sociability and festivities.