The Postgraduate Program in Sociology – PPGS, accredited and recognized by CAPES and CNPq, offers Master’s and Doctoral courses as a part of the Center of Human Sciences, Letters and Arts (CCHLA) of the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB), in João Pessoa. Its origin came with the creation of the master’s degree in sociology in 1979 followed two decades later by the creation in 1999 of the doctorate course. Thus, the PPGS began to operate with two bases, the one of João Pessoa, campus I, and the base of campus II, of the Center of Humanities, in the city of Campina Grande. With the dismemberment of these campuses due to the creation of the Federal University of Campina Grande, as of 2006 the Programs were also dismembered, with the PPGS-UFPB operating independently. Therefore, there are 39 years of experience in the preparation of researchers focused on the analysis and intervention in social realities in a process of permanent transformation, aiming at the development of scientific production, and in the training of teachers focused on higher education in Sociology.

While in the program, students are encouraged to attend scientific events, classroom activities (teaching internship), and publish their work in national and international journals. The PPGS has 2 scientific journals: Política & Trabalho and Artemis.

The PPGS gives scholarships provided by CAPES and CNPq based on academic performance. The program maintains agreements with several teaching and research facilities in Brazil and abroad, enabling student mobility, through work missions and international seminars, inter-institutional research projects, double doctorates, etc.