Research Lines

PPGS has concentration ares in Sociology and six research lines currently:


Cultures and Sociabilities

Theoretical-methodological approach to themes related to cultures and sociabilities: contemporary cultural practices, change and continuity, modernity; culture and diversity; culture and memory; urban cultures; culture and youth; culture and violence; media, cyberculture and new technologies; arts, daily life, and sociabilities.


Dr. Prof. Marcela Zamboni Lucena;

Dr. Prof. Marcelo Burgos Pimentel dos Santos;

Dr. Prof. Marcos Ayala;

Dr. Prof. Miqueli Michetti;

Dr. Prof.. Patrícia Alves Ramiro;

Dr. Prof. Teresa Cristina Furtado Matos

Dr. Prof. Tereza Correia Queiroz.


Social Markers of Difference: Racial Relations, Religion and Childhood

Theoretical debate on the social markers of difference considering themes such as religion, celebrations, childhood and racial relations.


Dr. Prof. Flávia Ferreira Pires;

Dr. Prof. Teresa Cristina Furtado Matos.


Health, Body and Society

It addresses socio-cultural processes related to the field of health: health practices and biossociabilities; health models and policies; sciences and body; therapeutic itineraries; diseases, new diseases and the molecularization of life; narratives of disease; illness and morals; gender and generation relations in their interfaces with health issues.


Dr. Prof. Ednalva Maciel Neves;

Dr. Prof. Eduardo Sérgio Soares Sousa.


Gender Theory and Studies on Sexuality

The study of gender asymmetries, the academic discussion about Feminism over the last decades, the creation of new rights, its institutionalization and its unfoldings, such as the Queer theory and the post feminism. Studies on social and political aspects (sexual and affective citizenship, secular state) of human sexuality.


Dr. Prof. Adriano de León;

Dr. Prof. Charliton José Machado;

Dr. Prof. Loreley Garcia;

Dr. Prof. Mónica Franch.


Social Theory

This line studies the theoretical foundations of sociological research in its classical tradition and contemporary developments. Its purpose is to contribute to the critical analysis of the various aspects of contemporary social theory and to the debates about its use in sociological research.


Dr. Prof. Simone Magalhães Brito.


Work, Social Policies and Development

This line covers themes related to the historical and current forms of labor relations in Brazil, Latin America and the world; types of conflicts, negotiation processes, ways of institutionalization; workers unions and other ways of collective action; work, workers and citizenship; social policies (work and income, income transfer, social protection); patterns of development, social work dynamics and social policies.


Dr. Prof. Flávia Ferreira Pires

Dr. Prof. Maurício Rombaldi

Dr. Prof. Patrícia Alves Ramiro

Dr. Prof. Roberto Véras de Oliveira

Dr. Prof. Rogério de Souza Medeiros