Politics & Work Journal

imageThe Journal of Social Sciences – Politics & Work is published by Graduate Program in Sociology of the Federal University of Paraíba twice a year, and it has been circulating for thirty years. We received original contributions from researchers in the areas of Sociology, Politics, Anthropology and Humanities. We publish thematic dossiers on subjects in the social sciences, articles on various topics, interviews, reviews and translations of articles and essays. Our mission is to promote the spread of knowledge produced in the social sciences, promoting intellectual debate on Brazilian and international reality (Qualis-Capes Assessment: B1 – Anthropology-Archeology, B1 – Sociology).




Ártemis Journal

img - revista artemis 2014This journal has the mission of spreading scientific production in the field of gender studies, feminisms and sexualities, within an interdisciplinary perspective, addressing sociocultural phenomena based on historical, literary, cultural, psychological analyzes, among other fields. The objectives are: to contribute to the construction of new theoretical and methodological approaches to research and reflection; and disseminate national and international articles, original research, reviews and translations. Ártemis Journal is a biannual, interdisciplinary journal, linked to the Postgraduate Programs in Sociology and Postgraduate Program in Letters of the UFPB, from which it receives funding for publishing. In 2011, the journal was contemplated by the public notice of IPEA, PROESP No. 001/2011 SUPPORT FOR THE PUBLICATION OF BRAZILIAN NEWSPAPERS IN HUMAN SCIENCES, an extra resource that made possible the production of the printed version of the journal. The journal is qualified in 12 areas of knowledge (Qualis B2 – SOCIAL SERVICE and B2- Anthropology and B3-in Interdisciplinarity).