Research Groups

Research Groups

The teachers of the PPGS are articulated in the Groups of Accounting Research in the Plataforma Lattes of CNPq – spaces that were selected for an individual and collective research of research works. The area consists of thematic areas of the research lines and an orientation of the masters and doctoral students of the Program. Search groups are available:

img - ico DAILY LIFE (Interdisciplinary Research Group on Daily Life)


img - ico CRIAS (Child, Society and Culture)


img - ico GEPAn (Study and Research Group on Anarchy)


img - ico GPS (Research Group on Health Public Policies)


img - ico GREM (Study Group in Sociology of Emotions)


img - ico GRAV (Group on Affective Relations and Violence)


img - ico GRUPESSC (Research Group on Health, Society and Culture)


img - ico HUN – Group of Studies and Research in Sociology and Racial Relations


img - ico Laboratory for the Study of Violence


img - ico LAEPT (Laboratory of Studies and Research in Public Policies and Labor)


img - ico NEABI (Nucleus of Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous Studies)


img - ico PANDORA (Study Group on Gender and Sexuality)


img - ico PPGAU (City, Contemporary Culture and Urbanity)