LAPROL-UFPB (Language Processing Laboratory) is formed by members of GEPROL/CNPq (Group of Studies in Language Processing) and collaborators from other institutions (UFRJ , UFJF , Concordia University – Canada) . LAPROL aims to research human language from the perspective of Experimental Psycholinguistics investigating the mental processes related to language comprehension and production. The topics focused on LAPROL researches relate to language processing in adults without pathology, language processing in L2 learners, and language processing in individuals with disorders and language deficits . In addition, we also investigate phenomena related to the Acquisition/Language Processing interface.


The projects conducted in the LAPROL have been supported by the following grants:

CNPq: Edital MCT/CNPq 50/2006, Processo 401230/2007-4
CNPq: Edital Jovens Pesquisadores 06/2008 Faixa A, Processo 564184/2008 0
CNPq: Edital Universal 014/2014 Processo 458926/2014-0
CNPq: Edital Ciências Humanas 018/2012 Processo 405585/2012-0
CNPq: Edital Projeto Universal 14/2012 Processo 486748/2012-0
CNPq: Edital Produtividade e Pesquisa – PQ/2012 Processo 307558/2012-6
CAPES: Bolsa de Estágio Sênior – Processo 99999.005246/2014-08.
CNPq: Edital Bolsa de Produtividade e Pesquisa – PQ/2015 Processo 308578/2015-5