– Develop, on our own or in collaboration with organs in or outside of UFPB, programs and activities on learning, research and extension in human rights.
– Raise and systematize the informations about human resources and academic production existing at the Federal University of Paraíba;
– Encourage research on human rights and disseminate scientific production and didactic material produced by the members of the Nucleus or of interest to the Nucleus;
– Conducting projects and programs  of university extension in human rights.
– Encourage professional training and professionals working in the public and private sectors to promote and defend human rights;
The Nucleus intends to reach the following public:
– Professors, students and university staff;
– Teachers, students and staff of elementary, middle and high schools;
– Human Rights Operators working in civil society entities (NGOs);
– Public Servants from federal, state and municipal organisms;
– Popular sectors of urban and rural areas that are affected to the absence and/or violation of fundamental human rights.
Expected results
With a creation of the Nucleus we intend to achieve the following results:
· Basic training of teachers of public schools for the dissemination of human rights as transversal theme in subjects of 1st and 2nd grades;
· Contribute to the education for the citizenship of children, young people, families of the public school system;
· Contribute to the training of civil and military police and penitentiaries for the strengthening of a public security policy in tune with the fundamental duty of citizens;
· Contribute to the training of civil health NGO professionals to strengthen actions for promotion of human rights in civil society;
· Introducting human rights to university curriculum articulating the different courses and areas of knowledge of UFPB;
· Creation of a human rights database in the UFPB;
· Structuring a fundamental library to meet the demands of students, researchers and educators;
· Promote teaching, research and extension activities, allowing exchange, to promote a teaching network in the State of Paraíba and other centers at regional, national and international level;
· Systematization of fundamental knowledge and methodoly of education in human rights in order to become accessible to educators in the public school system;
· Ensuring greater presence, insertion and participation in social, national and international human rights networks;
· Create a human rights research and extention network by promoting technical and scientific progress with the centers of the region and other related national and international networks.
· Promote technical-scientific exchange in the area of ​​human rights in Universities, Centers of research and training, public and international entities and in the Northeast;

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