The NCDH it’s constituted by professors, students, technical-scientific staff, technical- administratives staff from UFPB and others collaborators, led by the approval of the Technical-Scientific Council. To be a member of the Center it’s necessary the curriculum Lattes presentation and a research and extension project in Human Rights area. The NCDH is organized as follows:

Coordinator: Prof. Lúcia de Fátima Guerra Ferreira

Vice-Coordinator: Prof. Maria de Nazaré Tavares Zenaide

GT’s Coordinators

GT1 Education and Culture in Human Rights:

Prof. Maria de Nazaré Tavares Zenaide

GT2 Violence, Public Security and Human Rights:

Prof. Paulo Vieira de Moura

GT3 History and Theory of Human Rights and Democracy:

Prof. Giuseppe Tosi

GT4 Territory, Ethnicity and Human Rights:

Profa. Maria de Fátima Ferreira Rodrigues

GT 5 Legal Instruments for the Protection and Defense of Human Rights:

Prof. Hugo Belarmino de Morais

GT6 Child and Teenager Rights:

Profa. Maria Lígia Malta de Farias

GT7 Sexual and Gender Diversity and Human Rights:

Prof. José Baptista de Mello Neto

Student Representative:

Juliana Pedro da Silva

Technical-Scientific Representative:

Lúcia Lemos Dias de Moura

Executive Secretary:

Iraci Ferreira de Araújo Pereira

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