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Studies of a theoretical and historical nature on the philosophical, cultural and educational foundations of Human Rights. Reflections on contemporary science and culture and their implications for human rights. Studies on the articulation between Human Rights and Values. Analyzes about the paradigmatic changes occurring in the production of knowledge and the resulting demands, necessary for the educational process. The most appropriate theories and pedagogical methods for a human rights education in formal and informal education and other spaces of development. Education in Human Rights for specific identity subjects: gender, ethnicity, children, adolescents, the environment, etc. Reflection and systematization of educational practices in human rights.

Coordinator: Profa. Maria of Nazaré T. Zenaide – Department of Social Service – PPGDH – CCHLA


  • Workshop Right to Memory and Truth

Site_mesa lançamentoAutores__Direito à Memória e à Verdade Site_mesa lançamentoDebatedores_Direito à Memória e à Verdade

Achievement: Federal University of Paraiba (UFPB)

Center of Human Sciences Letters and Arts (CCHLA)

Human Rights and Citizenship Center of UFPB (NCDH)


Support: State Secretariat for Education of Paraíba (SEE/PB)

Gerência Executiva de Diversidade e Inclusão (GEDI)

Regional Administrations of Education (GREs)

Municipal Secretaries of Education

Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB)/CCA – Areia and CCAE – Rio Tinto

Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG)/CH – Campina Grande and
CFP – Cajazeiras



Lúcia de Fátima Guerra Ferreira – Department of History

Maria de Nazaré Tavares Zenaide – Department of Social Service

Vilma de Lurdes Barbosa e Melo – Department of Education Methodology



Márcia Albuquerque, Janicleide Morais; Ercília Lemes; Andreia Ferreira Carvalho; José Nikácio Júnior; Fernanda Gomides; Luana Bispo; Fernando Costa; Selma Oliveira; Victor Gadelha; Herbert Andrade; Isaac Santos; Erica Ramos, Thamara Duarte, Max Lima




Online Form: https://goo.gl/forms/AGGNU3wBux3rv6E22



Educational action about the period of the military dictatorship in Brazil and Paraíba based on the guidelines of the National Plan for Human Rights – PNDH 3. Proposals for the use of didactic resources and different languages in the approach of the right to memory and truth. Education for the Never Again.



General: To contribute to the understanding of the historical process of the Military Dictatorship in Brazil and Paraíba articulating knowledge and teaching practices regarding the right to memory and truth and education for the never again.

Specifics: – To discuss the historical process on the Military Dictatorship in Brazil and Paraíba; – To analyze the possibilities of didactic resources and different languages in the approach to the right to memory and truth; – To problematize the records and local memories about the period of the Military Dictatorship in Brazil and Paraíba; – To discuss the meaning of Education in Human Rights and Education for the never again nowadays.



  • 50 vacancies for each city: Areia, Catolé do Rocha, Cajazeiras, Rio Tinto and Sapé (40 professors e 10 leaders of social movements)
  • 100 vacancies for each city: João Pessoa and Campina Grande (80 vacancies for professors e 20 vacancies for leaders of social movements)



  • High School, last two years of Junior High School, and Social Movements Teachers



DATE                                             CITY

august 26, 2016                JOÃO PESSOA – UFPB CCHLA Auditorium 411

setember 19, 2016            RIO TINTO – PSF Auditorium of Rio Tinto n. 9 Conj. Eduardo Ferreira

setember 20, 2016           CAJAZEIRAS – UFCG CFP Auditorium

setember 26, 2016           SAPÉ – – Junior High Technical School and M. Mons. Odilon Alves Pedrosa

setember 29, 2016           AREIA – UFPB CCA Auditorium

october 06, 2016              CAMPINA GRANDE – UFCG Center of Humanities Auditorium

october 10, 2016              CATOLÉ DO ROCHA – 8ª Regional Administration of Education – 94, Manoel Alves Maia Street, Central District.


WORKLOAD: 8 hours

TIMETABLE: 8:00 a.m. to midday and 1:30 p.m. to 17:30 p.m.



8:00 a.m. to midday

1 – Introduction to the Project and the Book

2 – Accounts on the Military Dictatorship period – People from each city; José Calistrato Cardoso Filho and José Emilson Ribeiro da Silva (former political prisoners in Itamaracá-PE)

– Debate

3 – Awareness – Documentary “30 anos de anistia” (17min)

– Debate


1:30 p.m. to 17:30 p.m.

1 – Historical context of each city

2 – Didatic Follow-up: How to work with some languages from the book



FERREIRA, Lúcia de Fátima Guerra; ZENAIDE, Maria de Nazaré Tavares; MELO, Vilma de Lurdes Barbosa e. Direito à Memória e à Verdade: Saberes e práticas docentes. João Pessoa: Editora do CCTA, 2016. 194p.

  • Specialization Full-Time Education

Admission Procedure 2012 – Public Notice  Nº 02/2012


We inform the extension of time to the Course of Full-Time Education and Human Rights until tuesday august 14, 2012. Those interested will be able to apply on business days, from 8:00 a.m. to midday and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

(all documents in portuguese)

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  • Specialization in Human Rights Education

Public Notice NCDH Nº 06/2013 – Specialization Course in Human Rights Education – CEspEDH

Public Notice and Forms selection process for course takers

Answers of the admission test made 17/12/2013

Result João Pessoa

Result Guarabira

Result Campina Grande

Result Cuité

Result Monteiro

Result Patos

Result Itaporanga

Result Catolé do Rocha

Result Cajazeiras

Result Souza

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Result of the Selection Process of remote tutors (Public Notice Nº 07 / 2013)

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  • Extention Human Rights Education

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Public Notice NCDH nº 08/2013 – Extention Course in Human Rights Education – CExtEDH

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