Studies on the social and conceptual history of human rights: reconstruction of the historical trajectory of the emergence and evolution of Human Rights in Modernity. History of social struggles in Brazil. Studies of a theoretical and historical nature on the philosophical foundations of human rights. Ethics and human rights: social values, moral principles and commitment to human rights. Studies on social exclusion and its role in the construction of human rights.
Studies on Politics and its articulation with human rights. The different conceptions of democracy and human rights; democracy and liberalism, democracy and socialism. The role of the state and the “new public sphere of citizenship” in the promotion and defense of human rights at local, national and international levels. Human Rights and Geopolitics. The role of organized civil society and that of social movements – from the neighborhood to the United Nations – to produce a historical effectiveness that can ensure the ever greater and more effective implementation of human rights. Human Rights and Globalization. Studies on political culture and its relationship with the development of citizenship.

Coordinator: Prof. Giuseppe Tosi – Department of Philosophy – PPGDH – CCHLA

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