Cognitive Neuroscience Clinical and Preclinical

This line brings together the study of the psychophysiological and psychopharmacological bases of behavior, cognition and basic psychological processes under the conditions of clinical and preclinical evaluation in humans and animal models. Preclinical studies with animals and clinical studies with patients with mental and neurological disorders or undergoing pharmacological treatments stand out in this line. The aim of the studies is to determine the potential effects and, in particular, the risks to humans arising from the use of medicinal products with therapeutic potential, as well as their possible side effects on the nervous system, cognition, behavior and basic psychological processes. Both preclinical animal surveys, which help anticipate possible risks and behavioral changes, and clinical research with humans are expected to contribute to improving treatments and improving the physical and mental health of the population.



Anna Alice Figueirêdo De Almeida (DF/CCS) – Lattes;
Liana Clébia Soares Lima de Morais (DFP/CCS) – Lattes;
Margareth de Fátima Formiga Melo Diniz (DF/CCS) – Lattes;
Natanael Antonio dos Santos (DP/CCHLA) – Lattes;
Marine Raquel Diniz da Rosa (DF/CCS) – Lattes;
Reinaldo Nóbrega Almeida (DPF/CCS) – Lattes.