Psychobiology: Basic Psychological Processes and Neuropsychology

This line brings together the study of behavior and neuropsychophysiological basis of cognition and basic psychological processes, aiming to characterize, evaluate and understand the neural mechanisms underlying development, maturation, plasticity, adaptation to the physical and social environment. This line will aggregate studies on perception, memory, learning, emotion, language and psychopharmacology in normal and pathological conditions, through the use of psychophysical, behavioral, electrophysiological and neuropsychological methods in humans and animals. The line of research is to understand how behavior and the nervous system are associated and how they are influenced by the physical and social environment. The understanding of the bases that compose the cognition and the animal and human behavior establishes an integrative conceptual vision between the neurosciences and the psychology.

Flávio Freitas Barbosa (DP/CCHLA) – Lattes;
Márcio Martins Leitão (DL/CCHLA) – Lattes;
Marine Raquel Diniz da Rosa (DF/CCS) – Lattes;
Natanael Antônio dos Santos (DP/CCHLA) – Lattes;
Nelson Torro Alves (DP/CCHLA) – Lattes.